Big B called “false” by his Fan

Amitabh Bachchan may be the biggest star of B-town. But he surely spares some time from his busy schedule to connect with his fans on social media sites. The 72 year old megastar is an active blogger and in fact refers to his fans as his extended family. But Bachchan got an unpleasant surprise when he was slammed by his own fan! So what created tension between the actor and his extended family? It was when one of his fans, a teenager, was disappointed when the actor did not wish her on her birthday. The girl went to the extent of saying that the Amitabh’s claims of keeping in touch with his followers are “false”.

Though Amitabh was disheartened by such unwelcoming behavior of his fan, he was still polite. He wrote a lengthy post on his blog and explained that he is unable to respond to everybody. He wrote, “Each day I get 1000 calls and emails to reply to. Yet I try to get across to all. At times when some Ef are not responded to, they send admonishing responses to me. It almost sounds abusive ! I am not deserving of this, yet I let it pass by in the larger interests of our association.”

The young girl’s name is Amita. Bachchan apologized to her publicly despite of the fact that the she had insulted the actor. He further wrote, “Amita has been upset that I did not wish her on the 15th .. my apologies. When you are in different time zone, jet lag and body temperament goes through so many changes. Mine too. I sleep at odd hours. And that is the result of the delay.”

After giving a valid reason for not wishing his follower on her birthday, the actor wrote in a serious tone, “ She has expressed on Twitter that I should not follow her anymore and that I am false in my expressions of greeting. Well.. what can I say... no one that I follow shall ever be deleted from my list.. if others wish to leave, I am no one to stop them..”

Amitabh says that the platform of social media site is “sacred” for him and what he has received from this platform is nothing short of “magical”. Despite of the fact that the follower was rude to him, the actor still called his followers his extended family. Also, he would “hate to do something to displease another” so his followers are free to disconnect!