Big B bangs at the media

Amitabh Bachchan is miffed with the media for forgetting the importance of the situation and becoming restless to get bites from the celebrities who have come to attend filmmaker Prakash Mehra’s funeral. He vents out his anger at the media on his blog and slams them for forgetting the sensitivity of the occasion.

Big B writes on his blog, “Prakash ji’s eldest son Sumeet returned from USA this morning and the cremation took place by the afternoon. Abhishek and I attended it, but the behavior of the electronic media at the crematorium was just disgusting. No respect shown for the sensitivity of the occasion. No regard for the moment and no ethics at all in maintaining some decorum for this very private and sombre ritual. All they were interested in was in getting that ‘bite’ or shoving their cameras inches away from your nose, at a moment when one desired peace and quiet. Shameful. But what of some of the mourners, if they can be called that! They were no less. Pushing and shoving to get a position behind or near about the celebrity, so the cameras can catch them.”

He ends up saying, “I shall not dwell on this anymore. I may just burst a blood vessel.”