Big B’s big bang

Big B - <a href='//' title='Amitabh Bachchan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='amitabh-bachchan' id='article_tag_data_amitabh-bachchan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Amitabh Bachchan</strong></a>Amitabh Bachchan, icon of the masses, admits he still has much to do. Perhaps it has to do with the sheer lust for life that the towering frame exudes. Or perhaps, the Big B knows that life’s more beautiful at 61. “I wish I had time to learn all the languages of India,” he says. “And if I had time I’d learn how to play a musical instrument.”
Obviously, juggling between reigning the Indian film scene, running AB Corp, lending his name to everything from suiting to pulse polio campaigns, and reviving KBC on Star Plus (84 new episodes are on the way), doesn’t leave much time. Still, he takes out time to go on the occasional rewind: “I love flipping through the channels and whenever there’s a film of mine on air, I stop to watch,” says Bachchan, in town as the brand ambassador of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA).

And how does it feel to watch himself in the old hits? “Cinema has changed, and I think it’s unfair to compare. Back in the ’70s, I liked the work I did then. Today, I like what I’m doing now,” he says.

Beyond today, he won’t look further: “I want to go on as long as I can. In this profession, no one retires. The industry retires you when they don’t want you.”