Big 5 Controversies about National Award

Controversies have always surrounded the National Award winners every time as the collective decision made by the jury has always been questioned. Here are the top most controversial Bollywood actors and actresses who have won National Award for their work in their film.

Kiron Kher:
Kiron Kher



















Bollywood actress, Kiron Kher, won the National Award as the best actress for her acting in a Bengali movie titled, ‘ Bariwali’. But it was even said the voice in the film was not hers and her character was voiced by some other woman. But Anupam Kher claimed that it was Kiron’s voice in the film and not anyone else’s. However, the film was produced by Anupam Kher himself. Kiron even claimed that the voice was hers and she had to spend a lot of time in rehearsing the dialogues.

Ajay Devgan:
Ajay Devgan










Ajay Devgan won the National Award for his electrifying performance in the Prakash Jha directed movie, ‘Gangajal’. But director Adoor Gopalkrishnan raised questions on Ajay being given the award as Prakash Jha was a member in the jury and was apparently heading the jury as well. According to director Adoor, Prakash Jha’s decision was very biased and he was very upset about it.

Anil Kapoor and Raveena Tandon:
Anil Kapoor















When Anil Kapoor and Raveena Tandon won the award s for their performance in movies, ‘Pukar’ and ‘Daman’ respectively, a lot of controversies surrounded the decision. It was even said the few political leaders were involved in this decision to give away the award to the actors. The involvement of Raveena Tandon’s uncle, Macmohan in the decision, just raised the fingers of many people, who were a part of National Awards.

Saif Ali Khan:
Saif Ali Khan










Saif performance in the movie, ‘Hum Tum’, got him a National Award, which shocked many people from the film fraternity. As per the other people, Saif gave a very normal performance in the movie and he was nowhere near enough to win the prestigious award. It was even said that his mother, Sharmila Tagore had helped him win the award.







When the movie Black won the national award in the best movie category, it fumed one of the members from the jury as she filed a petition against the decision due to which the award ceremony got delayed.

Controversies can never end as questions regarding the decisions will always be raised. But we hope that every decision that is being taken remains fair and not biased.