Bhushan Kumar's T-Series office sealed after employee tests positive for coronavirus

T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar said that necessary medical precautionary are taken after a caretaker of T-Series has been tested positive for coronavirus. The whole building is sealed and he is making sure that the building is fully sanitized.

“All employees of T-Series are like family and we have taken utmost care to respect this situation. While the person who has been positively infected is receiving the proper care, we have taken the government recommended medical steps to make sure that the office building is completely sanitized,” Bhushan said in a statement.

The producer said all at T-Series are following the rules of lockdown and are currently working from home as directed.

“We have always taken care of each other and in these trying times, we will strive hard to make sure that each and every person of the T-Series family comes out a winner at the end of this fight against the global pandemic,” he added.

According to T-Series spokesperson, there were caretakers who would work and stay at the office premises in Andheri, which is now sealed to contain the spread of coronavirus. “Some of them are migrants who couldn’t go back. There are rooms, kitchen and all facilities for them at the office building. But one of them got tested positive for Covid-19,” he said.

“There are two-three people who are also getting tested, but their reports are pending. For safety reasons, the BMC has sealed the office. It was anyway shut for employees since March 15,” spokesperson told PTI.