Bhupathi’s wife imposes cheating charge on Lara, hubby

Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi is moving around actress Lara Dutta and his wife Shvetha Jaishankar blamed him for cheating her. She for the first time came public and spoke against her hubby. According to Shvetha, Lara is not the first person that Mahesh is distracted by. He has many relationships in the past.

She quips, I don't know when Mahesh met Lara Dutta but all I can say is that she was the client of our celebrity and sports management company and their relationship did start while we were married. And she was not the first one he was distracted by. There were others and I have evidence, but who wants to get into the muddle now? I don't want to say anything more about Mahesh and Lara except that I wish he was sensitive enough to wait till our divorce came through, before being seen around with her so publicly.

She further added that she has been a very supportive and loving wife but Mahesh did not respect her feelings. Her status in his life is nothing more than a new-age trophy wife. She said that if Mahesh could cheat her then he can also easily cheat Lara.

Whatever, Mahesh and Lara are immensely in love. Both have been spotted in many occasions and most recent has been spotted at the IIFA awards.