Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Continues to Impress

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the biopic based on the life of Milkha Singh, who is also known as the Flying Sikh popularly has already registered itself as a success. The movie, directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra of Rang De Basanti fame has grossed 33.35 crores at the box office in its opening weekend and continues to go strong in all the theaters.

Farhan Akhtar , the director turned actor who played the role of Milkha Singh in the movie has managed to make it look so real that even the legendary sportsperson, Milkha Singh was reported to have broken down into tears upon watching the movie and reliving those days of struggle which he had encountered.

But the appeal of the movie has not stayed within the boundaries of the country. Ace athlete Carl Lewis managed to lay his hands on the movie. Upon watching the hardships that Milkha Singh had gone through during his days, he could not resist calling his counterpart up and expressing how moved he was by getting a sneak peek at the athlete’s life. Though Carl and Milkha belong to the same times, they had barely interacted before.

That is the power of a movie in this globalized era. It helps spread awareness about a certain person or event across continents. Carl had watched the movie in US and he immediately got hold of Milkha’s contact number in Chandigarh. Milkha was pleasantly surprised to have received the call. The team of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag has confirmed that the call was indeed placed and it was not a rumor.

The makers of the movie are pleased with the way things have turned out for them. The biopic transcends the entertainment value and goes beyond. It chronicles the life of Milkha Singh so well that they almost term it a movement. The movie is about self realization. It inspires people to focus on that part of them that can make it big.

Often that part goes unnoticed. But an intense film like this is sure to strike a chord with many. It is also a movie which you can watch with your family. It is essentially a patriotic movie as your chest will swell with pride after watching this piece of art, just like it had done after watching a Lagaan or a Rang De Basanti. They hoped for it to be a success. But a success of this magnitude has left them overwhelmed.