‘Besharam’ collects 20.50 crore in the opening day

Unfortunately, ‘ Besharam’ could not be registered a hit film under Ranbir Kapoor’s name. The negative word of the mouth from critics will definitely create a bad impact on the film’s box-office collection. The film released yesterday on holiday but failed to spark magic at the box-office The opening day collection was not so impressive and the movie could only mint 20.50 crores in the opening day.

Released on holiday, ‘Besharam’ could not collect good numbers. Despite negative reviews, Ranbir Kapoor’s fans thronged to their nearest theatre. In the opening day, the film occupancy was registered 90-95%.

‘Besharam’ directed by Abhinav Kashyap is an action-comedy featuring Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Sharda in the lead. The film also has veteran actors Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. The movie was highly promoted but critics and audience rejected it saying it is a dull movie making no sense.

In the film, Ranbir plays a street-smart Delhi mechanic who lives in a local orphanage.

The actor said about the film: “It is a comedy and the character I play is a bit over the top, flamboyant, vulgar, repulsive, so it was fun playing it. I don’t think I would really label it as a comedy, it’s still your quintessential Hindi entertaining film. It has the comedy, the romance, the drama, the action. It’s basically taking the piss out of yourself. It’s quite exciting because it is a new genre for me”.

For the first time Ranbir shared screen space with his parents and he shared his experience, “My preconceived notion was that it would scary. I thought I would screw up in front of them and not be able to say my dialogue right. Just the fact that they are my parents. But I think they themselves are such great actors, hard-working, passionate actors, that when we came on set everybody surrendered to their own parts and I think it was a good experience. Also the dynamic between our characters was comedic; they’re playing cops, I’m playing a robber, so it was like spy vs spy. It was fun to do”, he concluded.

Though the numbers are not too high, it is expected that it may catch up in the coming weekends.