Bengali band accuses Anu Malik of plagiarism

A popular Bengali band has accused Bollywood music director Anu Malik of using stolen tunes in his new film "Murder".

Bangladesh-based rock band 'Miles', in its complaint before the Calcutta High Court, claimed that Malik had...
...plagiarised one of its tunes from a 1997 album.

The court has taken prima facie cognisance of the charge and asked in an interim order that the song 'Jana Jane Jana' be removed from the film.

The petitioners claimed that Malik had plagiarised "the tune, breaks, fillers and arrangements" in the movie track from their popular Bengali number 'Phiraiya Dao Aamar Prem'.

The court on Wednesday also asked the film's producers, director and music director to refrain from manufacturing, selling, distributing or marketing any music cassette or compact disc containing the concerned song or any other "colourable imitation" of the original track.

The petitioners' counsel Pratap Chatterjee told the court that the plagiarism was "gross infringement of the international property rights and the copyright act".

The band's 1997 album was released by city-based music label Asha Audio. Chatterjee sought seizure of all soundtrack software of the film.

The film's producers brother Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt have said the court order would not hurt them because the concerned song doesn't appear in the film.

All the promos and teasers of the song being aired on television would also have to be removed.

Mahesh Bhatt has said they had "bought" the song from one Amir Jalal, a Jeddah-based Pakistani artist. Malik, Bhatt said, had only recreated the music.