‘Bekhudi’ actor Kamal Sadanah ends his 21 years marriage with Lisa John

Bollywood actor Kamal Sadanah has ended his marriage with wife Lisa John. Kamal and Lisa were married for the past 21 years. The couple has two children, son Angathand daughter Leia. Kamal Sadanah married Lisa John on January 1, 2000. 

Currently, Kamal Sadanah and Lisa John, a make-up artist by profession are living separately. While the actor live is residing in Mumbai. Lisa moved to her parent’s home in Goa.

Kamal told ETimes, “Two people grow apart and go in different directions. Such things are happening all over and ours was one of those.”

During the release of ‘Roar’ Kamal Sadanah said that marrying Lisa John is the best thing he ever did. “If marrying Lisa was the best thing I did, then making Roar would have to rank as the second-best move in my life. It’s a relief to leave my acting career behind. My heart was never in acting,” Bollywood Hungama quoted him as saying.

Kamal Sadanah is the son of famous filmmaker Brij Sadanah, who shot dead his wife and actress Sayeeda Khan and daughter after a heated argument. Brij Sadanah also shot his son Kamal in his neck but the actor survived.