‘Behyadh’ actor Piyush Sahdev, wife Akangsha Rawat heading for divorce

Piyush Sahdev who portrays the role of Samay in Sony’s popular soap, ‘Behyadh’ is heading for divorce. For quite sometime now, Piyush and his wife Akangsha Rawat are living separately.

 In an interview with BollywoodLife, Piyush confirmed the news of separation from his wife, “Yes, it is true that Akangsha and I are getting separated. The divorce is already in process. But all the rumours which are being spread are untrue.” 

Though not yet confirmed, the actor’s extra-marital affair is said to be the reason of their marital discord. A source said,“Piyush who playing an important role ‘Behyadh’ has moved on with a girl in creative team of his show and staying at her house. He has left Akangsha. Even he did not bother to care about his wife when she suffered panic attack month ago. Nor we can see any social media connection between them from a while.”

Meanwhile, Piyush Sahdev is not ready to comment on his new relationship, “I am already going through a very rough phase in my life and all these rumours just add up to my misery. It’s a humble request to all not to spread such fake rumours and add fuel to the fire.”

At first friends and family thought it was a normal husband-wife tiff but when in an interview Akangsha told about shifting her base to South Africa, people got to realize that matter is serious.

Meanwhile, Akangsha Rawat refused to talk about the separation. She said, “I can't talk about it at the moment.”

The couple met through common friends and after a year of courtship, they took wedding vows in June 2012.

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