Aditya Chopra announces next directional 'Befikre'

Filmmaker Aditya Chopra as promised yesterday announced his new directional venture, ‘Befikre’ on his father’s 83rd death anniversary. "With the blessings of my father, on his 83rd birth anniversary, I'm announcing my next directorial venture after seven years," Aditya Chopra said.

He calls his next directional venture the “riskiest” and “youngest”. “With the blessings of my father, on his 83rd birth anniversary, I’m announcing my next directorial venture after seven years,” Aditya shared via an e-letter issued to the media on behalf of his home banner Yash Raj Films (YRF).

Aditya also shared cherished memories of his later father Yash Raj Chopra. He said in the letter that his father always wanted him to direct the “biggest films of YRF” but ‘Befikre’ is not the one and also it will probably do not have the potential to be as successful as his earlier films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Mohabbatein’.

“I started writing it for fun while I was writing my most ambitious script. I thought I’ll give it to one of my directors and I’ll just produce it. But I enjoyed writing it so much that I knew half way that I’m going to direct it myself,” the reserved Aditya tells his father in the imaginary conversation.

Asked what excited him about the script, he shares. “It’s just very different to any of the films I have directed so far. Till now, all the films I have directed or written have been intense, dramatic and emotional. This one is just a light-hearted romance, nothing more.

“It’s my happiest film. My youngest film. My riskiest film.”

Aditya also doesn’t aim to score Rs.100 crore or Rs.200 crore will ‘Befirke’.

In fact, he says that one of the reasons he wants to make this film is “to free myself of this burden”.

“I don’t want to keep trying to better my films. I want to make what makes me happy, and I’m sure if I do that well, the numbers will follow.

 “Make it with conviction and make it fearlessly”, Yash Chopra used to tell his son Aditya.

The film carries the tagline reads – “Those who dare to love”.