Kareena, Saif look back one year of togetherness

"I want to get married, I also dream to have kids, I may go to any extent to maintain relationship", all this and many more touchy remarks came from the ravishing Kareena Kapoor. Bebo who has an image of outspoken and commanding attitude off-screen sounds very realistic and very much like a next door gal while speaking her heart to a magazine specially dedicated to her on completion of one year of togetherness with Saif Ali Khan.

When Kareena looks back, she recollects only sweet memories. Though her professional life never tended downwards, she has seen many ups and downs with personal life. She spent four years with Shahid Kapur but failed to understand that he is not the one for her soon enough. Only after knowing Saif closely during the shooting for Tashan, she got connected with Saif seriously and they are still a pair.

What people like the most about this couple is that unlike other celebrity couples they never intended to hide their relationship from the world. Whether it is putting a tattoo with Kareena's name on Saif's hand or gifting precious accessories to his ladylove, Saif always shared those special moments with the world. They first opened up their relationship to the public when they walked in together at Manish Malhotra fashion week on 18th October 2007.

No sooner the couple declared to the world that they are in love, they have been tagged by the media with uncounted adjectives like hot, sizzling, made for each other, cashable pair, romantic etc, etc. Saif and Kareena full heartedly accepted those levels and seemed happy to be called with those titles.

Whenever they meet, they discuss their future more than their pasts. Kareena values relationship and holds a strong respect for Saif's ex-wife Amrita Singh. Kareena said that she will always respect Amrita and would never look her down as she is Saif's past and mother of his two kids, Sara and Ibrahim.

Saif and Kareena hold a very beautiful picture in their eyes of their future. 30-40 years from now, Kareena dreams of touring the world on a private cruise with Saif and he too dreams to have two sons and two daughters from Bebo.

We wish Saif-Kareena long life and an eternal and evergreen relationship.