Bebo, Saif fights over kids

Saif Ali Khan wants her ladylove Kareena Kapoor to play mommy to his two children, Sara and Ibrahim just like Amrita Singh. Usually when Saif’s kids come to spend time with their dad at his residence, Kareena lets the kids enjoy with their father and she stays away for the time period. This time the children came to stay with their dad for several days and as usual Bebo went out.

But Saif wants her to be around his kids and spend time and pamper with them just like him but she disagrees. They had an argument over the issue and were not on talking terms for several days. Later Saif took the initiative, talked with Bebo and solved the issue. Says a source, "The couple had an argument over the subject when Kareena did not show any desire to pamper the kids. The outcome of which was that they did not talk to each for a few days till things cooled down between them and the kids left."

Bebo however denies the incident and says, "It's nonsense. The source continues, "Both then decided to forget the incident and all was well again."
Now everything has been sorted out and the foursome was spotted watching ‘Anjaana Anjaani’. They looked like a happy family.

Adds the source, "Kareena often talks about how she loves to spend time with her niece Samaira. In fact at their home there are several photo frames of her sister Karisma Kapoor's daughter and her drawings, etc. But there is nothing of Sara and Ibrahim around."

It seems Bebo till date could not accept Sara and Ibrahim.