Bebo refuses to lose weight for Karan Johar

Kareena Kapoor’s size zero is still chasing her. Recently, she has gained some weight but still carrying the tag of size zero. Buzz is that filmmaker Karan Johar wants Bebo to return to her size zero figure. Karan asked Kareena to lose weight for his next flick, titled, ‘Short Term Shaadi’ starring Imran Khan in the lead but Kareena is not ready to shed her flab for anyone.

Bebo added that she is happy with her current weight and won’t lose weight for anyone. She even added that Karan has not laid before her any such demand. It is also heard that not only weight but Karan wants Kareena to chop her hair also. But Kareena declines all such facts.

Next, she will be seen in Karan Johar’s ‘We Are Family’ where she is playing the second woman. The film is a Hindi remake of Hollywood film, ‘Stepmom’. She will be seen portraying the role of Julia Roberts.