Bebo hates Ash

To go Hollywood is the dream of any Bollywood actor. But Kareena Kapoor let the opportunity go due to her enemy, Aishwarya Bachchan. Her disliking for Ash started when Abhi replaced Karishma with Aishwarya. Bebo cannot forget and forgive how Ash has taken the place of his sister and is shining bright as Bachchan Bahu and garnering all credits and praises from insiders and outsiders. In regard of the ill-feeling, she has turned down Gurinder Chadda Hollywood project who once approached her to play sub-ordinate to Ash.

According to a source, "Three years ago, Gurinder Chadda, who offered her this role, wanted Kareena for Bride & Prejudice. Kareena naturally presumed it was the lead. She was shocked to know the director actually wanted her to play Aishwarya's youngest sister for which the lesser known Piya Rai Choudhary was signed later. Bebo was irked at being offered the fourth lead and vowed never to work with her again. Now when a new Gurinder Chadha film was offered to Kareena she quickly said no without hesitation."

Kareena is one of the bankable actresses of Bollywood and when Gurinder Chadha approached her to play Ash's sister, she felt humiliated and in reply now she has turned down the bright chance of acting opposite Johnny Depp immediately citing dates problem.