Bebo feeling homesick

Ravishing Kareena Kapoor is a busy bee. As she became the most demanding actress of Bollywood, she distributed her time between films and endorsements and hardly finds time to spend with family. And the little amount of time that she hardly manages to get is bestowed upon beau Saif, romancing and traveling around the globe. Now Bebo is feeling homesick and she is longing to fly to her family.

In the last couple of months, Kareena has hardly spend time with her family. Round the clock, she remained busy with her projects. Now when she is feeling homesick, she called up sister Karishma and fixed up time for chitchat. And no sooner Bebo landed in Mumbai, she caught up with Lolo and both indulged in deep conversation.

Kareena has many projects lined up for release. She has couple of films with Saif and currently busy shooting with Salman for Main Aur Mrs Khanna.