Bebo chooses Aamir over SRK

Kareena Kapoor had no choice but to miss the international premiere of the biggest release of her career ‘Ra.One’ as her dates clashes with the shooting of Reema Katgi’s ‘Dhuaan’ starring Aamir Khan. She does not want to miss the premiere but she could not adjust her dates.

Said a source, "Kareena has to take some special training for an underwater sequence in the film and she needs time for that too. So going for the premiere is out of the question." The shooting was supposed to be shot in the outskirts of Mumbai but was cancelled at the last minute due to certain technical issues.

The location for the shoot has been finalized. Since it's one of the last few scenes to be shot, it cannot be delayed again. Adds the source, "Kareena is the female lead and SRK obviously wants her around as much as possible. She is trying her best to attend the Dubai and London premieres because she does not want to miss the international premieres of her film."

However, the shooting of ‘Dhuaan’ clashes with the grand premiere of 'Ra.One'. "This film is obviously her biggest this year, and she definitely wants to be a part of all promotional events. It's just unfortunate that the premiere is now clashing with the shoot dates of Dhuaan."