BBC World introduces 5 documentaries on Bollywood directors

Rakesh RoshanThere is no steaming down of interest in Bollywood. On Saturday, July 31, BBC World has introduced an exciting series of five documentaries, Bollywood Bosses. This features in-depth interviews with five of Bollywood's top directors: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ram Gopal Varma, Rakesh Roshan, Karan Johar and Yash Chopra. Drawing upon the opinions of industry insiders, each...
...episode takes a closer look at the men behind Bollywood blockbusters such as Devdas, Rangeela, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dil To Pagal Hai.

Opening the series this weekend is a profile of Bollywood's famous maverick, Ram Gopal Varma. The programme chronicles the successes and failures that have defined the man behind films such as Satya and Company. It follows Varma's journey from his beginnings in Hyderabad to the world of Bollywood. Varma discusses the chance meeting with South Indian superstar Nagarjuna that changed Varma from a video library owner into the director of his first film Shiva.

Varma also comments on the slew of underworld films that many believe were inspired by his film Satya, explaining why he feels Satya was not just another underworld movie. The director also clarifies his motives behind constantly giving new talent a platform, saying: "I'm not here to give voice to young directors. I have no intentions of encouraging new talent or doing charity business here. They have their own agenda, they are using me as the means, or one of the better means, to get where they want."

Describing his rise to his current position as a Bollywood trendsetter, the episode includes an exclusive visit to Varma's production company, The Factory. It also features exclusive interviews with film stars Vivek Oberoi and Antara Mali, who have worked closely with Varma, in addition to film critics and industry analysts.

In the following episodes, Bollywood Bosses examines the methods of film making adopted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rakesh Roshan, Karan Johar and Yash Chopra. Set in the heart of Mumbai, BBC World's new series presents a behind-the-scenes view into the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.