Barfi! Actress Priyanka preserves her Sari

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has won national acclaim for her brilliant performance in Barfi!, a movie by Anurag Basu. She has enacted the role of a girl who is suffering from Autisim. Her name in the movie is Jhilmil. Priyanka feels that the movie is very close to her.

 It is something very special that happened in her career. She wants to preserve the memories of the film and hence has decided to keep the yellow sari that she wore in the film as a token of memory. She thinks that in doing so, the connection that she shares with the film will be maintained for many years. She has hence preserved the sari in order to recall the fond memories of the movie.

 Priyanka has reported to the sources that that the movie, Barfi! Will be the most special film that she has acted in. many people have commented that this role is probably Priyanka’s best role so far. It is however interesting to know that director Anurag Basu was not very sure about selecting Priyanka for the role. It is not easy for a 32 year old woman to play the role of an autistic girl. Jhilmil is the strongest character in the story, although the film is based on the life of protagonist, Murphy (played by Ranbir Kapoor).

 Priyanka was eager to play the role of Jhilmil but Basu was not sure as he wanted a new face in Jhilmil’s character.

 The two, Priyanka and Anurag attended a workshop for 3 days in order to practice the character. It is said that this workshop proved wonders for Priyanka. It took out all the fears and apprehensions from the two. The result was outstanding. Although not a main part in the film Jhilmil’s character left a deep impression on everybody. It was an outstanding performance by Priyanka.

 Not only Priyanka, but her family members also consider the movie to be special for her. Her father, Mr. Chopra sometimes playfully calls her Jhilmil. It is surprising how the innocence was portrayed by her. Priyanka feels that such a special happening in her life should be made memorable. Hence, it was her decision to keep the sari.

 The film showed an excellent bond between a deaf and dumb boy and an autistic girl. Anurag Basu has proved that a film can be made excellent without the use of dialogues in most parts.