Bald and beautiful: Jennifer Winget aka Maya shaves off head for ‘Behyadh'

Sony’s popular soap ‘Behyadh’ is going for another leap. To keep up the excitement going, ‘Behyadh’ is going to have a new twist when Maya will be shown alive and recovering in an ashram. For her new leap, Jennifer aka Maya went bald. Not really she has shaved off her head but Maya has used bald cover wig.

Jennifer aka Maya was captured while she was shooing in bald avatar at Mumbai Kanheri caves. The makers of the soap are leaving no stone unturned to keep the excitement going with their interesting plot.

According to reports, the new season will show a dead picture of Maya in one frame and in the other she is shown being healed by Sadhus in an Ashram. They have shaved her head.

Maya will be shown taking vows to take revenge of her death against Arjun as she remembers what happened to her. The episode shows Maya surrounded by children recalling the days when she lost her own child and how Arjun killed her. Maya vowed to destroy Arjun and Saanjh's life. Court held Saanjh and Arjun responsible for Maya's death.