Bachelorette India: Mahesh Bhatt to help Mallika to find her prince

Renowned film maker Mahesh Bhatt has played a pivotal role in the shaping up of Mallika Sherawat’s career as a film actress. It was under Mahesh Bhatt’s directorial venture ‘Murder’ that Mallika made her Bollywood debut.

It may be recalled that when Pakistani actress Meera was threatened by a man who posed as her husband and made an attempt on her a terrified Meera immediately called up her mentor in Bollywood, Mahesh Bhatt, and cried for help.

Now once again Mahesh has come to Mallika’s aid. He would help her choose her prince charming in the T.V show “Bachelorette India…..Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika”. “Bachelorette India”, is the Indian version of “The Bachelor” where 30 contestants would try and woo Mallika Sherawat and only one of them would eventually emerge as a winner. The concept however is not new for Indian television. Prior to this, there have been similar shows like “Rakhi Ka Sayamvar”. Although these so called reality shows seem more scripted than real, but they sure do offer a lot of entertainment.

When Rohit Roy, the show’s host asked Mallika the reason behind her being a part of a show like this, prompt came the reply. in her recently adopted American accent, she stated that she has a very fake world around her and she wants to settle down with someone real.  However, it seems that Mallika is in a state of flux, and is finding it rather difficult to choose her soul mate. That is why she has have called in Mahesh Bhatt to be a part of the show as a celebrity judge.

Mallika Sherawat has always had a cordial relation with the Bhatt camp. Moreover she has very high regards for Mr. Bhatt. So it seems quite normal that she has invited him to help her out in taking such an important decision of her life.

Mahesh Bhatt would be seen grilling the candidates on various parameters, providing them with various tasks to perform, so as to check their compatibility quotient with Mallika. In fact Mahesh Bhatt is reportedly very impressed with the contestants. He has even offered four of the contestants a role in his upcoming project.

Who emerges to be the lucky person in the end is yet to be seen but whoever it is, Mahesh Bhatt would be more than happy to do the ‘Kanyadaan’.