Bachchans ignore Salman, welcome Shahrukh

Even Salman chatted long with Abhishek in his vanity van and gifted him a portrait of Drona, his friendship call was not welcomed by the Bachchans. Salman and his family were uninvited for the Drona premiere whereas his greatest enemy Shahrukh Khan made presence at the premiere with family. Though Salman was out of the country for shooting, the Bachchans did not bother to invite his family as well. Talking to a news daily, a source said, "That's true. Salman was not invited. As far as the film's makers (the Behls) were concerned no one who insults their family, gets invited to a big day in their life. The Bachchans are more than family to Goldie and Shrishti Behl."

Though the rumor spread far and wide that Shahrukh made an inapt comment about their bahurani Ash during Katrina’s birthday bash and in the wake of that inappropriate comment Salman took off brawl against SRK, the Bachchans did not believe the false rumor and invited Shahrukh for the premiere.

Soon after the premiere, Salman threw an impromptu Eid party at Mannat to further strengthen the relationship with the Bachchans.