“Baby” birthday gift for Ajay Devgan

2010 will be a memorable year for actor Ajay Devgan professionally as an entrepreneur as well as personally as he and Kajol are expecting their second child. 41 year old actor has no gender preference. “It is totally in the hands of God whether we will have a boy or a girl.” said Ajay.

“For both of us, family comes first. Kajol doesn’t work in too many films and I make it a point that I’m there in my house every Sunday to be with them. We both realise that to make a happy home, we have to devote enough time to it. Nysa (Ajay and Kajol’s daughter) is growing up. She needs us and we want to be with her as much as possible,” Ajay added.

After three years they are doing a film together, Ajay and Kajol have also got more time to spend with each other. TitledToonpur Ka Superhero, live action is being mixed with animation in the movie. “It is always great to work with Kajol. She is a great actor and we have had some really nice moments on the sets. Nysa is also looking forward to the film. She is very excited that her parents are part of an animation movie,” he said.

In coming months, Ajay has quite a few releases lined up — Aakrosh, Rajneeti and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Also, his last production All the Best has done well at the box office. “I have an ambitious production plan too lined up for this year.” said Ajay. In the course of the conversation the actor also reveals his birthday plans. “I am out of station but Kajol and Nysa are joining me. I don’t really celebrate my birthdays. It’s generally a family occasion and all about our daughter,” he says.

So does he see six-year-old Nysa becoming an actor in future? “It is her time to have fun in life. We are happy seeing her grow up the way she is. She can become whatever she wants to. We are only looking to give her a great childhood,” Ajay added.