Azad has got the smile of Kiran, Aamir

Taking to a leading daily, Aamir Khan revealed several interesting facts about himself and his son Azad Rao Khan.

Aamir was first asked about his response to making it to the TIME magazine cover. To that Aamir said, “What am I supposed to react? I don't know. It's a much respected publication, but they've spoken to me, written about me earlier too. It wasn't my first interview to them.”

He was reminded of an interview with TIME, where he was said to be Bollywood’s one of the most intelligent actors. To that Mr. Perfectionist said that he doesn’t remember that interview.

He had said that he was once doing eight movies at a single time, working for almost 14 hours a day. When those movies released they tanked big time. So after that he decided to do concentrate on one movie at a time.

Amir quickly remembered that, and said, “Yes, yes... I recall. That experience stayed with me. It wasn't possible to do quality work that way, it was crazy. They may have thought it offbeat, but, for me, doing one project at a time was the most obvious thing.”

Aamir was also asked why he hasn’t taken to Twitter and Facebook, like many celebrities. Amitabh is a regular on Twitter. He has also opened a Facebook account recently.  So have Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan. They already have a billion fan following. Contrary to that Amir’s post are very few. His last post is said to be that in May last year. Replying to that Amir said, “Well, I'm not really very active there, true, but it's not as if I don't realize the power of social media, or don't plan around it. You'd recall that we'd been very active in the online space during the SMJ telecast period. From our websites to hash tags on Twitter to uploading all videos on YouTube, we really worked to make the issues and the episodes go viral, and did it pretty successfully, I thought. It's just that I don't use it to share my personal thoughts, but I do realize what the medium can do.”

Aamir was also asked how Junior Khan is doing. He said he is fine. He has got the smile of mother Kiran and thoughtfulness of Aamir. Aamir though declined to say which religion his son will follow. He said it’s a very personal question.

His emotional side was reflected once again when he said that he would be taking his mother to Haj. His mother had been insisting on that for quite a while. To that same effect Amir has also bought their ancestral property in Shahbad.