Ayesha Takia: No Dare Bare scenes

In an age where only Sex and Shahrukh Khan sell, where aspiring as well as established actresses are shedding their clothes faster than film releases and where kisses et love making scenes are mandatory for the film to sell, there is an actress who staunchly refuses to follow the herd. Ayesha Takia, the bubbly girl next door refuses to wear skimpy outfits and indulge in passionate sex scenes in her films.
Many actresses have said the same before her, however had to give in, to keep up with the ongoing trend. However this young lady says what she means and means what she says and hence has gone ahead and drawn up her personal contract which states that she will not indulge in indecent scenes. Indecent covers everything ranging from wearing bikinis, to kissing scenes and lovemaking scenes. She ensures that any producer who wants to sign her on for his film, signs her personal contract first. She has legally made an official contract so that no legal issues arise during the process of shooting.

Ayesha even turned down an offer that any other aspiring actress would have jumped upon. She refused the film Neal n Nikki under the Yash Raj banner, as she felt there were too many bold scenes, she would have been uncomfortable doing those bold scenes and that would hinder her performance. This was perhaps a smart move on her part as the film did not do well at the box office and neither did the lead actress in question receive rave reviews for her performance.

Ayesha says that she will not be a part of this dare bare all act in bollywood as she wants to act in movies that she can watch along with her family. Also in the future if she has her own family and kids someday, she does not wish to embarrass them. This is an action that no other actress has ever done, whether it will make or break her acting career in bollywood remains to be seen. But her chutzpah and confidence in her self is definitely admirable, perhaps some of our bollywood belles should take a tip or two from this gutsy gal. Way to go girl, stand up for what you believe in.