AwardWapsi#I will not return my National Award, Kamal Haasan

The superstar of South Kamal Hassan refused to join the #AwardWapsi movement by returning his national award. Instead, he slammed those dignitaries who have returned their national award in protest against the rising religious intolerance in the country. "I will not return my National Award and insult the government”, Kamal Haasan posted in Twitter.

Taking a dig at those writer and the filmmakers, who returned their award, Haasan said, "Returning award is a futile exercise. There are several other ways to seek attention”.

The actor said that returning a national award is an insult to the government and the people who awarded them with the honour.

"Those returning the awards should find some other way to protest against the government," he added.

The actor also said that the country has been facing intolerance since it gained independence in 1947. "Intolerance had divided the nation earlier and should not do the same thing again," he said.

"Tolerance is all about give and take. It is not about criticising any party," he added.

While talking to NDTV, superstar Shahrukh Khan said religious intolerance will take us to the dark ages. Versatile actress Vidya Balan also refused to give away her national award. She reasoned that the honour was given to her by her nation and not by the government.  

Several writers, artists and filmmakers have returned their national honours to protest against recent incidents like the Dadri lynching, beef row and ink attacks.