Audience set to sizzle with Cheekni Chameli

Katrina KaifWith Dharma Production topping the satellite rights for the remade version of Agneepath; slated for release on the 26thof January, the vibes as to its phenomenal item number has started gathering grounds. The action packed bonanza centering on Hrithik and Priyanka, also includes a swaying item sequence.

The choreographic venture of Ganesh Acharya portrays the vibrantly sophisticated Katrina Kaif in a gyrating mode. To go by the sultry actress, the item number with the connotation of ‘Chikni Chameli’; is supposed to evoke a pastoral appeal. According to the renowned brand owner of Dharma Production; the sultry seductress was all set to show her worth in course of a sense tickling item bonanza. The rocking number will portray the sophisticated enchantress in all her sensuousness. Supposed to be making way for raw rusticity, the actress as well as the maker looks forward to making mileage out of it. While Karan chooses to bank on its natural vibrancy and oriental appeal, for the stylish actress it is a matter of expanding horizon- helping create fresh grounds and new breakthroughs.  The lovely Kat, the principal delineator of the rhythmically sensuous item number chose to anticipate the best possible response of audience, keeping her ‘fingers crossed.

To go by the initial piece of revelation, the sultry seductress will be found donning an oriental version of red two piece costume with sizzles of golden lacing. Having put in her precious bit in order to preplan and create the right mood, the jot trot number filled with peppy breaks (jhatkas) will have the charismatic performer surrounding by loads of men. The dancer in her drunken spree will also have the male leads Hrithik Roshan & Sanjay Dutt accompanying her.

Having been composed by Ajay & Atul, the peppy number owes its inspiration from ‘Kombdi Padali’ of Maharashtra. In keeping with its intrinsic rusticity, the hot performer had to swing barefooted and that too on an uneven base. The item number’s tryst with the internet testifies to its sweeping popularity, though the factual results at the box- office will be the ultimate decider.

Inspired by the original version of Big B starring ‘Agneepath’; the remade version also includes Sanjay Dutt in its star cast. The directorial venture of Karan Malhotra being produced by Karan Johar will have Duggu Roshan delineating the role of Vijay Chauhan, Priyanka that of Kaali Gawde and Sanju Baba in the mould of ‘Kancha Cheena’.