Audience have stopped thinking of seeing good cinema, Neetu Chandra


Finally Neetu Chandra is playing a central role in a film. Neetu’s small appearance in a biggie like RANN notwithstanding, Neetu is mighty hopeful that Apartment would well make heads turn due to the role of a schizophrenic that she is playing in the film. However, she had similar hopes from RANN too which came early this year.  
"I till date feel that RANN was very good cinema. I was very impressed with it. My scenes in the film were quite appreciated and though there were a few which were edited out for the benefit of the film, I did get good appreciation coming my way. As for the root case of the film's failure, I believe that nowadays audience have conditioned themselves to watching comedies or fun movies. Basically they have stopped thinking of seeing good cinema. All that remains is comedy or laughter.” said Neetu.   
Neetu went ahead and signed Anees Bazmee's laugh riot NO PROBLEM.  
"It would be wrong to say that I signed NO PROBLEM due to this very reason. It wasn't that the film was first offered to me a year back and I had refused it only to consent to it again due to RANN not working. Aisa nahi hai; I had decided on doing it just as I had decided to do RANN. Also, I didn't sign NO PROBLEM just because it is a big film. This way I have refused number of big films because the roles offered to me were not too substantial. In case of NO PROBLEM, this was not the case and hence I was game for it." Neetu concluded.