Astrologer predicts bad omen for actress Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is ecstatic about the opening response of her film Krrish alongside Hrithik Roshan. Unfortunately a recent incident has put a damper on the pretty actress’s spirit. The actress has recently received a telegram from someone who claims to be an astrologer. The astrologer has predicted a bad omen for the pretty lass and being her well-wisher he has decided to forewarn her of the coming events.
The financial feud between Priyanka Chopra and her ex-secretary Prakash Jaju is common knowledge to one and all. In fact both the parties have registered cases against the other and the matter is now awaiting a court hearing. Astrologer S B Boralkar has predicted that Jaju will perhaps get someone to throw acid on her or perhaps employ goons to thrash her home. Well after receiving such a telegram, Priyanka is definitely upset by the contents. Refusing to take any chances the actress and her family have informed the police about the telegram and have also requested for additional protection.

The police are investigating the whereabouts of the origin of the letter. As yet the police have only managed to depict that the letter has come from the Parbhani district in Maharashtra. Priyanka’s lawyer Prasad is handling her legal case with Jaju; he says “There are many charges against Jaju for cheating, forgery and breach of trust amongst others. Also Priyanka did not manage to do all the films for which a signing amount was paid to her, she has returned those amounts but Jaju has already received his share for those films too.” Jaju claims that the actress owes him approximately 1.37 crores. However Priyanka maintains that she has in fact overpaid Jaju.

Both parties have also claimed that they have received verbal threats from the other, and the police are now investigating all the various allegations. But Jaju says “They are making various claims now as they don’t want to pay me my dues. I know they can do a lot through the police since they have their support.”