Assault Case: Om Puri granted anticipatory bail till Aug 30

An interim relief for veteran actor Om Puri. He was granted anticipatory bail by a Mumbai sessions court in domestic violence case registered by his wife Nandita Puri at Versova police station. The actor moved an anticipatory bail on Tuesday and today the session court granted his bail application.

Om Puri has been booked under sections 324 (punishment for causing hurt by dangerous means), 504 and 506 under Indian panel court.

On August 22, Nandita lodged a complaint against her husband for physically assaulting her with a wooden stick. She stated that when she had a fight with Puri over maintenance of the flat he lost her cool and hit her. The incident reportedly took place at at Puri’s apartment in Sushil building located at Seven Bungalows in Versova, Andheri.

Om Puri in his bail application stated that his wife has made a false allegation against him. He claimed that he has been living separately from her for the last three years and just went to meet her son that day. The actor further argued that his wife Nandita was demanding money from him to buy and expensive mobile phone for her maid servant who tied rakhi on their son but he refused.

"(I) reasoned that I too was using regular mobile and there was no question of gifting an expensive mobile worth Rs 14,000 to the girl," Om states in the application.

The actor said, Nandita got angry and told him that he could spend huge amount of money on his "mistresses" but could not pay for this gift. As a heated argument caught momentum, Puri, got up to leave, but Nandita "walked upon him and caught his collar" he then pushed her and left the house.

Om Puri denies beating his wife. "I have returned from Kolkata on (Aug) 25th. So how can I beat her on the (Aug) 23rd," he said. "She has accused me of beating her with a stick whereas she has just got a scratch. Now you tell me is it possible that if I hit her with a stick, she gets only scratched," the 63-year-old said. 

He said his wife is very demanding. "She insists on going on international holidays annually. I am a middle-class man and a character artist. I am not Shahrukh Khan that I will have so much money," he said.