Asin to replace Katrina in “Khamoshi”

Everything happens for good and that’s exactly what happened to director Anurag Basu, who had got the sudden shock when Katrina Kaif decided to back out of his up coming project ‘Khamoshi’. Reports suggest Katrina had back tracked from the project due to the fact that the director had signed on Priyanka Chopra as well.  However there were some other reasons cited from the Katrina’s end. It was announced that Kat had backed out as she had got hold of the rights of the remake of a French film, which she is going to produce, as well as act in. Other than that, she was not interested in any double heroine ventures. Any how, the film’s unit had got quite a shock with that one blow by Katrina.

Though, just a day after Kats announcement of backing out, the clever director got the in demand heroine of bollywood Asin to sign on the dotted line. Now, this bit of news has made Asin go absolutely on top of the world, looks like the lady has suddenly got the magic wand of Salman Khan working wonders for her. Only after Salman recommended her for his film, has the girl overnight become hot property in bollywood.