Asin fainted

Post Ghajini success, sensational Asin became busy like never before. She is totally absorbed in endorsements, interviews, films, shows etc and hardly finds time for herself. Busy work schedule has taken a toll on Asin’s health and the result is that she fainted during an interview just two days before her birthday on 24th October.

She collapsed at a club in Andheri where she was doing non-stop interviews for her latest release, ‘London Dreams’. In the middle of the interview, Asin experienced uneasiness and she passed off. Her stuff rushed with energy boosters.

Asin commented while resting at her home on her birthday, she laughed, “I’ve become quite a hazard zone, haven’t I? Going by the number of mishaps, I qualify as the desi Calamity Jane. Actually, I hadn’t slept at all that day or the night before. I had been doing back-to-back interviews for London Dreams for the last one week with just 3-4 hours of sleep. On that day, there was no sleep or food at all. Anyway, I ’ m making up for the exhausting week with the most peaceful and happy birthday of my life.”

Asin celebrated her birthday at home with close friends and relatives. She even distributed cakes and chocolates to the kids of her apartment.