Asin and Sonam are friends

If Salman Khan dumped his rivalry with Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya shook hands with Sonam Kapoor then Bollywood new brigade Asin and Sonam Kapoor also finds a true friend on one another. Both bonded over parties and spend quality time at one another’s home. After making her base in Mumbai, Asin has found a good friend in Sonam and she accepted her friendship with Anil’s daughter even in an interview.

Sonam’s presence in Asin’s life is a great relief for her as she is new in Bollywood and yet to understand how the glamour industry works. Asin believes that Bollywood actresses are not only involved in cat-fights but they can also be good friends.

Well, we can see some new friendship coming up but let’s see whether it is long lasting or will get faded away with upcoming professional commitments.