Ashmit kisses Sara in front of all

Ashmit Patel and Sara Khan's love story is growing stronger with every passing day. It is no more a hidden truth now. Everyone in the house is aware of their new love story. In the house, Sara and Ashmit walk holding hand in hand, spend most of the time together. Very recently, during a wrestling show which was arranged according to Bigg Boss order, highly excited Ashmit Patel picked up Sara Khan who was playing a cheer girl and planted a kiss on her neck.

It seems both are two inseparable soul always connected through out. In the initial episode, Sara tore her boyfriend Ali Merchant’s photographs and made an easy access for Ashmit. When asked, Ali believes that the romance between Ashmit-Sara is ‘stage-managed’ and there is hardly any truth in it.

But reacting to Ali’s claims, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar is quoted as saying, “Ashmit is just being himself on the show. Nothing about him is fake or stage-managed. Even if his emotions were to be manipulated by someone on the show, he wouldn’t know it.”

Ashmit is one of the hot guys in the house and girls admire him.