Ashmit gets cozy with Veena Malik

Ashmit patel knows very well how to entertain his audience. He is using the young gals of Bigg Boss 4 house to stay longer in the house and entertain his audience with his lovey dovey nature. First, he has taken TV actress Sara Khan under his arm and now he gets cozy with Veena Malik with whom he had brawl few days back.

It all happened on a particular night when Bigg Boss gave an overnight task to the housemates and he was paired with Veena Malik. Veena hold Ashmit very cozily and both were very comfortable and seemed enjoying the moment at the outmost.

They were required to remain awake but they were half-asleep in each other’s arms. They completely gave themselves to each other.

Well, lets see how Sara Khan react to this entire incident. We can expect another cat-fight between Sara and Veena on the show.