Ashley Tisdale refuses to go topless

‘High School Musical’ actress Ashley Tisdale refuses to go nude on-screen. "I don`t think I would ever do a topless role. I will do drama and stuff, but I don`t think I will ever go topless for something," quoted Tisdale as saying.

The Disney star admits that she is very comfortable in her body. "I am very comfortable in my body. I am definitely more of a comedian. I don`t really take myself too seriously," she added.

The 27-year-old recently posed for the new issue of America`s Maxim magazine in just an open leather jacket.

Tisdale admits that she enjoyed taking part in the sexy photo shoot for the men`s magazine.

"Maxim was fun and I was really excited... It was shot at the beach in Malibu, and I am, like, a beach type of person. I feel like it was cool," she said.

"I'm no angel but there's no one in this world I think that works harder than me," she said.