I was molested when I was 7, raped at 14: Ashley Judd opens up

Hollywood actress and activist Ashley Judd revealed that she was sexually abused more than once since she was as young as seven. The 48-year-old actress was speaking at the World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in New Delhi.

Ashley recounted instances of being sexually abused and revealed that she was molested at the age of seven and was raped when she was 14, and then again in 1998.

“I was molested for the first time at the age of seven, experienced rapes at the age of 14 and in 1998. It’s a miracle that I wasn’t trafficked,” the ‘Double Jeopardy’ actress said during her powerful speech, which she ended in Hindi saying “Ab samjhauta nahi (no more compromise)”.

She also spoke about gender discrimination and unequal pay issue in Hollywood, saying that her earnings are 40 percent less than her male co-stars. She also said that she faces gender-based comments on social media.

Besides discussions on the serious issues, Ashely also had fun, showing off her bhangra moves to the dhol beats played at the venue. She also dressed up in a pink sari, sporting henna on hands and greeting those gathered at the event with a ‘namaste’, the Indian way.

Ashely was in Kolkata before arriving in the national capital on Saturday night and spoke at the pre-session of the World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls on Sunday.  

Author and sexual abuse survivor Rachel Moran and Soni Sori, a political leader from Chhattisgarh, were present at the event, among others. The Congress was organised by Apne Aap Women Worldwide and CAP International, and had representatives from over 30 countries.