Asha desires to sing with Lata on stage

Versatile singer Asha Bhosle desires to sing with elder Lata Mangeshkar live on stage. They both sang together at a public performance in Kolkata around 15 years ago and Asha again wanted to experience the same by sharing space with Lata. On Sunday, the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar celebrated her 79th birthday.

“On her birthday, I wish that we do another such will be lovely”, Asha was quoted as saying in a leading Marathi daily. She further added, "Didi (sister) is so intelligent that had she studied, she would have become a big minister. Whenever we meet, we do not discuss professional issues... there is no talk on today's songs and who is doing what."

"Whenever I hear Didi's voice, I think such a voice has not existed earlier and will not be there even in least during my life, I will not be able to hear another voice of the same calibre," the melody queen said.

Both Asha and Lata are the prides of India and their songs will be played years to come.