Asha Bhosle’s son Hemant Bhosle passes away in Scotland

Renowned singer Asha Bhosle’s son Hemant Bhosle lost his life after to cancer on Sunday in Scotland. He was 66. Hemant was Ashaji’s second born. For a long time, Hemant was battling with cancer and finally he lost the battle of life. It is Asha Bhosle's second big blow after she lost her daughter Varsha in 2012. She committed suicide in her residence.

Asha Bhosle, who just returned from a concert in Singapore, refrained from speaking about the sad news. “Both Lata didi and Asha tai met quietly, held hands, consoling each other,” said a close family friend who was present on the occasion.

“On Sunday, even as she packed her bags to leave from Singapore for Mumbai, came this news,” she further said, “It reminds me of her own angst ridden song by Suresh Bhatt, composed to music by Shridhar Phadke, Bhogale je dukh tyaalaa sukh mhanaawe laagale / ewadhe mee bhogile kee maj hasaawe laagale (I was forced to count the sorrow that came my way as happiness/ It came in such waves, that I had no choice but to laugh).”

Hemant Bhosle was a music composer and composed music for over 15 Hindi films over two decades from 1977. He had also composed several evergreen Marathi tracks like 'Sharad Sundar' and 'Yeu Kashi Priya' in which his mother lend her voice.

It is also said that Hemant and his mother Asha Bhosle shared a strained relationship following Hemant’s bitter relationship with his wife Sajidah alias Rama Bhosle. The couple sought divorce on the ground of cruelty and Hemant was ordered by court to pay Rs 25,000 per month as interim maintenance to his divorced wife.

Asha Bhosle now lives with her youngest son Anand, who she calls Nandu, at a complex in Lower Parel.

Our deepest condolence to Ashaji and her family!