Ash shouts at Abhi?

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan at IIFACircumstances make us to believe that all’s not well at Ash-Abhi’s paradise. The couple who symbolizes made for each other, broke out into a strong argument during the recently held IIFA event. The witness of their differences was actor Kunal Kapoor. While stepping down the staircase with them, Kunal heard Ash shouting at Abhi too loudly and harshly over some matter. On that Abhi asked her to lower down her voice but Ash on her part was reluctant to hear him. She continued arguing with him at the top of her voice. 

Abhishek took her aside and asked her to sit at the hotel lobby. He then asked her to calm down and tried to explain her something. But it was beyond his hand to control her. Unable to handle the situation, Abhi lost his temper and ended up telling the security guard to escort his wife to the room.  

Now, it seems like Ash and Abhi have also added their name to the list of any other unhappy married couples, who make news very often for their differences.