Ash shattered Sonam’s Cannes dream?

Ever since the L’Oreal listed the names of their brand ambassador to walk the red carpet at Cannes, new kid on the block Sonam Kapoor started pinning hopes. The dream to walk the red carpet with Aishwarya further excited her and Sonam was on cloud nine. But at the eleventh hour when she was asked not to fly for Cannes, her dream shattered. Her heart broke down for losing the golden opportunity. And what turned bad when rumor buzzed that Aishwarya is the person behind her cut off from Cannes.

It is rumored that Ash being the international face of the cosmetic brand not agreed to walk with Sonam who only represents the Indian face. Moreover, Ash is miffed with Sonam’s statement about her growing age and losing youth appeal.

But denying the report, Ash’s spokesperson said,” She (Aishwarya) did not even know that Sonam was going to be at Cannes because she was there for just two days (May 13-14) where her days were packed with back-to-back interactions with the international media, fashion shoots for various European fashion magazines and other business meetings besides attending all the events at the festival”.

"Anyone can go to the Cannes Film Festival as a visitor and that is how many in the film fraternity and normal public go from across the world."