Ash-Hrithik smooch edited from Dhoom 2 due to Bachchan family’s disapproval

The Ash-Abhi engagement and soon to be wedding has received plenty of media and public attention. The Bachchans have accepted Aishwarya Rai into their highly respected family in spite of the unmatched horoscopes of her and Abhi, Ash’s highly publicised relationships in the past etc. There has also been a lot of speculation as to whether Ash will quit films after getting married to Abhi, however Abhi claims the decision to continue work is entirely hers. Now however it seems that the Bachchan family wants to wipe their soon to be daughter-in-law’s past slate clean. According to sources the Bachchan family has asked Yash Raj productions to edit the Ash-Hrithik smooch from Dhoom 2.

There was a huge hue and cry after Dhoom 2 released as Ash changed her demure image with this film. However sources claim that the Bachchan family were unhappy with the fact that Ash was wearing skimpy clothes and also doing a hot smooch scene with Hrithik in the film. However now the smooch scene has been edited from the film due to the Bachchan family’s request. But the producer’s Yash Raj and director Sanjay Gadhavi refused to comment on the reason for editing the scene from the film. Earlier a lawyer had also filed a lawsuit against Ash and Hrithik Roshan for the smooch scene. Relations had also soured between childhood friends Abhishekh and Hrithik due to this particular smooch scene. Well it seems the Bachchans have already begun to pull strings for their soon to be daughter-in-law.

Madhuri Dixit welcomed on the sets by Yash Chopra

Madhuri Dixit is making her comeback in bollywood with a Yash Raj film and she has already begun to shoot for the film. Madhuri is in Mumbai with her two sons and hopes that she will be able to bring them on the sets of her film to spend more time with them. Madhuri was doing her first shot for the film titled Aaja Nachaley and she was a bit anxious as it has been a long time since she has faced the cameras. However all her fears were dispelled when she was personally visited on the sets by Yash Chopra. Madhuri was extremely touched by this gesture of Yash Chopra.

Yash Raj Films have also worked with several other married actresses and hence they were ready to provide all the comfort to Madhuri and her two sons. Currently Madhuri is doing a night shift and spends the day with her two sons. But later she will be doing a day shift and hence will be taking her two sons along with her on the sets. Yash Raj productions have also made a special playing area for her two kids when they come onto the sets. Madhuri claimed that she was extremely excited to begin work and also touched by the thoughtful gesture of Yash Chopra. Madhuri will be working in this film alongside actor Akshaye Khanna.

SRK all set to out beat Amitabh as host of Kaun Banega Crorepati

Shahrukh Khan will be seen as the new host of the third season of Kaun Banega Crorepati after Amitabh Bachchan. And SRK is trying his level best to meet the high expectations of the audiences as well as carve a distinct individual style for himself on the show. SRK has already shot for a hip-hop music video for KBC which will be aired just before the show. While SRK has decided to keep the interactive format with his contestants the same, he has decided to use his own set of different phrases rather than going with Amitabh’s popular catchy phrases. SRK will use ‘freeze kiya jaye’ instead of Amitabh’s ‘lock kiya jaye’, he will also use the word ‘palat’ instead of change, when the contestants are asked if they are sure, SRK will use ‘kaccha kaccha-ya pakka-pakka’ , instead of Amitabh’s ‘computerjii’ he will say ‘computer kya hai jawab’.

SRK is trying his level best to give the show his individualistic style, but recently the media and the public too have been commenting that SRK cannot be compared with the legend of bollywood as Amitabh is far too excellent. This has not gone down well with King Khan and he is striving harder to prove his critiques wrong. SRK has also supposedly impressed his first participant Prasenjit Sarkar, a Bengali with a Bengali poem rendition on the show. Finally those who even quit the show mid-way will be offered a hug from none other than King Khan. SRK has also brought along several big advertisers like Videocon, Compaq etc who will be sponsors of KBC.

Karisma Kapoor turning down films for brand endorsements

There have been a lot of rumours of actress Karisma Kapoor making a comeback in bollywood, but time and again the actress has turned down several lucrative offers in order to spend time with her little daughter Samaira. Earlier there was a buzz that she would make her comeback with a Yash Raj Film, but the actress denied being involved in any such project. Now there is a buzz that she may be doing a film with Vikram Bhatt. However a source claims that “Karisma was offered a film with Vikram Bhatt but she turned it down as she has other priorities and commitments too.”

However according to sources though the actress is not signing any films she is ready to endorse some big brands. She is all set to endorse two major brands and is busy with these endorsements. Karisma is waiting for the right script to come her way as far as films go. Recently there were rumours that Karisma’s marriage with Delhi businessman Sanjay Kapoor was on the rocks, but the couple are still together although Karisma currently lives in Mumbai with her daughter while her husband shuttles between Delhi and Mumbai. Well everyone is anxiously waiting for our lolo to make her comeback in bollywood.

Salman and Vivek’s reaction on hearing about Ash-Abhi engagement

Everybody seems ecstatic about the impending Ash-Abhi nuptials, but what some are curious to know is how ex-flames Salman and Vivek reacted on hearing the news about their engagement. Salman has had an extremely volatile relationship in the past and after splitting from Miss Rai the two have never spoken or acknowledged each other. When news of Ash-Abhi’s engagement filtered the air, Salman was at a party dancing the night away. Everyone expected the actor’s mood to change on hearing the big news, but surprisingly Salman seemed least bothered and continued to enjoy himself at the party. Well it surely seems like Salman is not losing any sleep over the soon to be nuptials of his former flame Aishwarya Rai.

As for Vivek Oberoi, he had taken off for his annual pilgrimage to Sabrimala, but later on hearing about the news he too seemed unconcerned and didn’t give the topic any importance. Ash had never publicly accepted her romantic relationships with either Salman or Vivek. Well now what remains to be seen is if any of her formers beaus will attend her marriage functions, not likely!