Ash does not want to promote a sexy image after marriage

Aishwarya Rai has always done films in which she plays a demure or sweet girl and hence her look has never been bold. However with Dhoom 2, she changed her look to a sexy siren and was even appreciated for her role and oomph in the film. However now that Ash has married into the prestigious Bachchan family, it seems she no longer wants to promote a sexy image of herself as she feels it is not right. Hence the actress recently turned down Karan Johar’s film to be directed by Tarun Mansukhani.
Ash opted out of the film as the role in the film required her to have a sexy look. Ash was not comfortable with sporting a sexy look after marriage and hence opted out of the film. Ironically Ash opted out of the film despite husband Abhishek being a part of the film. John too is a part of the film and now according to sources Priyanka Chopra has been roped in to play the glamorous role and she has no qualms with the sexy look. Recently Ash has also been sporting Indian outfits at functions with husband Abhishek. But the actress has recently signed a Hollywood film Pink Panther, where she will supposedly play one of the detectives. So how will Ash escape playing a sexy glamorous role in this Hollywood flick, remains to be seen?

Cold Vibes between Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan has come a long way from his regular side hero image. In fact the actor has done several hit solo films and proved that he can single handedly shoulder the responsibility of a film. Saif has done several films under the prestigious Yash Raj banner too like Salaam Namaste, Tara Rum Pum etc and now he is also shooting for Tashan along with Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel. The film depicts each of the stars in a new and different look. Saif is supposedly sporting a thick moustache look, while Akshay has a close crop and Anil will sport a bare chest with tattoos. However all the stars were asked by Aditya not to reveal their look in the media or television as the surprise element then gets diminished. Nonetheless despite this secrecy condition, first Akshay revealed his look at several functions and now Saif too has gone a step further and has sported the same look for a commercial. Aditya Chopra is extremely livid with Saif for his revealing his look and supposedly Saif and he also had a verbal showdown about this.

Meanwhile, while shooting for the film Tashan, one would expect the sets to be filled with fun and laughter due to the presence of a huge star cast, but unfortunately the opposite is true. Akshay and Saif have previously worked together in many films, but back then Akshay was the star while Saif was always in his shadow. Now though both are equally big stars and it seems both have equal screen space in the film. However on the sets there seems to be icy cold vibes between Akshay and Saif as they now size each other up as competitors and perhaps feel threatened by the other’s equal star power. Recently Saif also got into a fight with locals in Ladakh while he was shooting for the film.

Aamir Khan’s high handedness, doesn’t want to credit Amol Gupte as director

Aamir Khan is known to be extremely high handed and interfering at times in his films. In the past there have been several allegations against him claiming that the actor often interferes even in the post production work of his films. However Aamir claims that it is his love for the project that makes him get involved in every aspect of the film. Aamir has recently finished his directorial debut Taarein Zameen Par, but initially the story was written and to be directed by Amol Gupte. The film is being produced by Aamir and he also stars in it. However during the initial stage itself Aamir was not too happy with Amol’s work as a director and wanted to opt out of the film. However Amol was keen that his film gets made, so he asked Aamir himself to direct the remaining part of the film. Aamir agreed and was in charge of the film. However now when the film is ready for release, Aamir is not too keen on giving Amol Gupte credit as a joint director.

Amol Gupte too it seems is extremely hurt by Aamir’s behaviour, as it is they had plenty of differences while shooting the film and now this has only further upset him. Aamir has only credited Gupte with the story and screenplay of the film. However after Gupte urged him to consider crediting him as joint director, Aamir relented a bit and credited him as creative director. Well it seems Aamir has some pretty stern and staunch ways and ideas.

Bips’s haughty attitude won’t let her gyrate with actress Sameera Reddy

Bipasha Basu’s item number ‘Bidi jalai le’ in Omkara was a super hit and she will soon be seen along with on-off beau John Abraham in another item song. Bipasha’s film Race by Abbas-Mustan was also supposed to have an item song with all the leading ladies including Bips. Sameera Reddy, Katrina and Bipasha were to gyrate in an item number, but Bips did not want to do an item number with the other girls. After her solo performance in her earlier item number, she does not want the focus to be shifted to anyone else. Also it seems Bips was not too pleased about sharing screen space with Sameera Reddy whom she feels is a lesser known actress.

The filmmakers tried hard to persuade Bips to do the item number with the other girls in the film, but to no avail. Bips always came up with some excuse or the other and hence the item song had to be scrapped completely. So is Bips just plain insecure or does she really not want to share screen space with lesser known actress Sameera? Nonetheless both Sameera and Bips were polite with each other on the sets while shooting for the film. The film is a multi starer starring Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor etc. So is Bips developing a snooty attitude these days?

Preity Zinta dons a burqa to watch SRK in Chak De India

Preity Zinta has done many hit films with Shahrukh Khan and she is also a good family friend. Naturally after hearing so much about SRK’s recent film Chak De India, she wanted to go and see the film for herself. However Preity did not want to see the film in a hi-fi multiplex theater, but instead she wanted to see the reaction of the masses to SRK’s film in some of the single screen theaters. So Preity donned the most used garment in the film industry, the burqa, so that she could watch the film amongst the masses and gauge their reaction.

Preity claims that because of the burqa, she was able to enjoy the film to the hilt, shouting, clapping and cheering. In fact she was not the only woman in a burqa, there were several other women clad in burqas and enjoying the film. About Chak De India she says “The movie has elevated patriotism to a higher level, its given energy a new meaning and youth a new direction.” As for her co-star and friend SRK’s performance, Preity says “He is mind blowing, too good to express in words, and I just love him.” So that’s Preity’s enthusiasm for Shahrukh and his film.