Ash defeats the Khans

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one such actress in Bollywood who has proved time and again that she is the best. Her popularity has helped her to find a prestigious place in the Forbes list. According to the new Forbes list - Aishwarya Rai is listed as India's most bankable star in Hollywood. Her raking is 387th among 1,411 actors from across the world and ranked much higher than the three Khans who are considered the gems of Bollywood. Aamir ranked 540th in the global list, followed by Shahrukh (735th), Salman (753rd), Irfan Khan (825th) and Hrithik Roshan (1059th). Hollywood star Will Smith bagged the top position.

Ash’s demand in the international market never fell down instead it keep on multiplying day by day. She is not only precious in Bollywood but equally valuable overseas. She has again been able to steal the limelight by casting in Pink Panther 2 and by moving across the world with Hollywood stars, Steve Martin and Jean Reno. Recently, Ash attended the premiere of Pink Panther 2 with her family and looked gorgeous as she walked the red carpet in pink gown.

Ash has made a mark in the international market and she is also a winner of many international awards.