Ash covered with bed-sheet

Ash and Abhi is shooting in deep jungle of Kerala for Mani Ratnam's Ravan. Ash is playing the character of Sita in the flick and to hide her from the world, the cast and the crew is taking much care of Ash. She is covered with blankets or umbrella during changeover and the security staff covers her van with bed sheets. The security is so strict that no one is allowed to loiter around the shooting area. No local people and no media people are given a chance to get a glimpse of the glamorous actress.

It is reported that she arrives on location dressed as a Tamil Brahmin lady. Mani Ratnam does not want any photographs of Ash to get leaked and so he is taking maximum care of the matter and is not allowing anyone other than the cast and the crew at the location. Since the shooting is taking place in a deep jungle, their cars can not reach the site. The cast and crew travels in jeeps provided by the forest authority. They travel in car to the forest entrance and after that they get into jeeps for the final journey to the shooting spot.

Ash and Abhi is staying in a beautiful resort beside the Aathirapilly waterfalls.