Aishwarya concerned about taking Aaradhya to Cannes

This is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s 11th visit to Cannes but her mood and intention is not the same like every year. Unlike every year, Ash is not concerned about her style, attire or red carpet walk. Today what dominated Aishwarya’s mind is his daughter Aaradhya. Playing doting mother to her six months old daughter Aaradhya, Ash’s biggest conceren is whether to take Aaradhya to Cannes or not.

Aishwarya is committed to L’Oreal and Cannes and she just cannot let it go.  Says a source, "Given a chance Aishwarya would have gladly foregone Cannes this year. For her no role at the moment matters more than the real-life role of the mother. That is why she has decided to not sign any film for at least one more year. Long-standing commitments other than film assignments, however, need to be fulfilled. And Aishwarya finds herself being pulled away from her motherly duties by professional commitments."

Apart from a mother, she is a professional and so she has decided to go to Cannes. Says a source close to the family, "In the Bachchan parivar professional commitments are sacrosanct. And Aishwarya is therefore going to Cannes as per schedule."

The Bachchan parivar has left the final decision to Aishwarya whether to take baby Aaradhya to Cannes or not. Ash is in two mind whether Aaradhya could cover this long distance journey.

Says a friend of the actress, "Aishwarya is at the moment focusing only on the question of whether the baby accompanies her or not. She has given absolutely no thoughts to what she'll wear at Cannes and how she'd conduct herself there. Those are questions that don't even crop up in her head. Neither does the issue of weight-gain worry her. To Aishwarya her daughter's wellbeing is all that matters. The rest - beauty, career, success, stardom - are all at the moment, hazy things best left in the background."

A very close friend of the actress said, "I've never seen her so content before. Never has she been so at peace with herself. She is playing the most cherished role of her life. And loving it."

According to a source, Aaradhya might accompany her mother to Cannes but the possibility of bringing the baby to the public domain is very less.

Says a friend of the family, "At the moment Araadhya is enjoying her privacy. There's plenty of time for the public glare."