Ash asks media for apology, they denies

For the last two days, the Bachchan family has been bursting out their anger on media for reporting falsely about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy. Abhishek Bachchan lashed out at media for publishing fabricated story about his wife and hurting her sentiments and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan also slammed at media for writing false stories about the woman of his house. Aishwarya who was totally disappointed and disheartened with the report asked MM for apology and surprisingly, they denied and stick to their statement.

Abhi tweeted, “thank you all for coming out so vociferously. for the few who think i should let it slide, one question. what if the article was written about your wife, mother daughter or sister? how would you react?”

He informs that his wife wrote a letter to the publication house and asked for apology but the response was disappointing. “Aishwarya wrote a letter to the editor of MM denying the report and asking for a "retraction and apology". they've printed her denial but not the rest of the letter. and haven't had the decency to apologize!,” he wrote.

Abhishek thinks that the media should be responsible at least while writing about women. “apart from the fact that they have written so irresponsibly about a woman let alone my wife. my issue is when is all this kind of journalism going to stop???? i have immense respect for the media. they are the opinion makers of a nation, our conscience. THEY MUST BE RESPONSIBLE!!!,” signed of Abhishek.

Let’s see what strategy the Bachchans takes next.