Ash and Abhi’s ‘Jaanu’ phone reserved on Jodha Akbar sets

Recently the hottest couple in bollywood Ash-Abhi were spotted in Varanasi along with the entire Bachchan clan performing a pooja. This led to several speculations of the couple tying the knot, however later it was revealed to be only a pooja that was performed on the occasion of Amitabh Bachchan’s father Harivanshrai Bachchan’s 99th birthday. But according to sources a few traders in Varanasi later also revealed that the Bachchans purchased around 11 different Banarasi saris of different hues. Saris worth around Rs. 50,000 were purchased supposedly for Ash, the daughter-in-law to be. Well the cost of the saris seems to be just a pittance for the Bachchans, so perhaps it wont’ be used for any wedding, but just a remembrance from the noteworthy trip which had the Bachchans and Ash as a family the first time together.
Aishwarya Rai has been busy with the shooting of her next film Jodha Akbar in Jaipur. The film is being directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and also stars Hrithik Roshan. Jodha Akbar is a period film and is being shot in sync sound; hence director Ashutosh has banned the use of mobile phones for his entire cast and crew on the sets of the film. However Ash and Abhi are typical love birds and constantly love to chat with each other on the phone. Hence a landline phone has been reserved for Ash specifically on the set. And when the phone rings, Ash is said to carry the phone and say ‘Hi Jaanu’ in her typical sweet manner. Hence the crew has named the phone, the ‘Jaanu phone’.

Sanjay Dutt has split with girlfriend Nadia

Sanjay Dutt is partly relieved that he was not found guilty under the TADA Act which would have given him a long sentence. Unfortunately all his troubles are not yet over and done with as he has been found guilty under the Arms Act; hence the actor is still tensed about the kind of sentence that he could receive. The actor has got an extended bail from the court till December 19, hence he now wants to make arrangements for his daughter Trishala and tie all loose ends as quickly as possible. However contrary to popular belief that the actor has been contemplating marriage with girlfriend Nadia Durrani, according to sources the actor has split with Nadia sometime back and has no plans to tie the knot.

A source claims “Sanjay is very much single right now. Yes they were together for sometime, but unfortunately they have split a year ago. They were just in touch over the phone, but currently Sanjay is not seeing anybody.” Sanjay was quite serious with Nadia, but things apparently didn’t work out between the two and they decided to go their own ways. A source reveals that after his recent court verdict Sanjay has other important priorities to sort out and Nadia does not figure anywhere in it. Sanjay had also once mentioned on a chat show that he did not have it in him to go through marriage at this stage of his life.

Shahrukh will be paid double than Amitabh for Kaun Banega Crorepati

According to sources Shahrukh Khan has been roped in to do KBC for an exorbitant price and will be paid double the amount that was paid to Amitabh Bachchan who was responsible for making the show popular on television. Sources claim SRK will receive around Rs. 280 crores while Amitabh received around Rs. 140-160 crores. Hence SRK will take home a cool Rs. 2.5-2.75 crores per episode. However Star TV channel heads refuses to divulge any information on the amount that SRK will be paid.

SRK has signed a deal to do KBC for a period of two years with perhaps an extension of one year. Sources also claim that earlier Zee TV was in talks with Shahrukh to do a show for them, but the lucrative deal offered to Khan by Star TV and the popularity of KBC is what made SRK opt for this deal. Chief operating officer for Star India Network, Sameer Nair says “Who better than Shahrukh to pick up from where Amitji left? Shahrukh brings with him enthusiasm, intelligence, wit and energy. Shahrukh is very kicked about doing the show.”

John Abraham is unconcerned about Salman’s catty remarks

A huge issue has been made of the fight between John Abraham and Salman Khan on their ‘Rockstars’ world tour. While John has always made light of the entire situation and has even tried to make peace offerings to Salman, all his efforts have been in vain. Salman refuses to be pacified by any of John’s comments and instead always responds with his own witty and catty comments about John. Recently Salman said “John makes politically correct statements” and also commented that John and he had never started talking so there was no issue about not talking now. But John has now decided to stop trying to pacify Salman and is unconcerned about any rude remarks made by Salman.

John says “I’m just not bothered. All I can do is just brush it all off with a smile. In fact the comments and this entire issue have no relevance in my life. I really don’t have time for all this.” John claims that he and Salman appear in separate halves of their soon to be released film Baabul but they do have a few scenes together.

Pooja Bhatt has a near brush with death

Actress turned director Pooja Bhatt recently had a close brush with death when she had an accident in Goa. Pooja was in Goa for the IFFI and was on her way to the airport to return to Mumbai when her car collided with another car. The car was entirely smashed and a bleeding Pooja was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital in Goa. In the accident Pooja received injuries on her back, head, nose and chest. However the actress is now out of danger but she says “I am still traumatized and it will take me some time to get over it.”

Pooja has suffered a hairline rib fracture and will still have to undergo a few more to tests. Pooja was also traveling with a few friends in her car and her driver, fortunately no one else was seriously hurt. Pooja says “I can’t get over the fact that I met with such a serious accident. I was heading for the airport when a van rammed into my car. Our car turned over in the middle of the road.” However she says that she is thankful that everyone is safe and feels like she has been given a new life.