Ash, Abhi visit monument of love Taj Mahal

Ash recently celebrated her first Karva Chauth in grand style at the Bachchan residence and it seems that the lovebirds, Ash and Abhi continue to be in a festive holiday mood. After spending time together on Karva Chauth, Ash and Abhi along with Jaya Bachchan and family friend Amar Singh visited the monument of love, the Taj Mahal in Agra.
The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonder of the world and is a must see for all couples in love. Ash and Abhi were seen walking hand in hand and enjoying the surreal and magical beauty of the monument which was built by Emperor Shah Jehan in memory of his beautiful Queen Mumtaz. Ironically Ash is also set to play the role of queen Mumtaz in a film on the Taj Mahal alongside King Bensley. An eye witness said “Abhishek and Aishwarya were walking hand in hand and were busy talking to each other all the time.” Ash was clad in a demure salwar kameez while Abhi had donned a simple shirt and jeans. Many of the other tourists were surprised to see one of bollywood’s most popular couples. Ash and Abhi were surrounded by their body guards as well as additional security arranged by the police.

However according to sources, the leisure trip to the beautiful monument may be a gift from hubby Abhi to his wife Ash who also celebrates her birthday today. Other sources claim that the couple could also be there perhaps to shoot inside the premises of the Taj Mahal as a film crew has already booked the venue and also asked that the monument be closed to outsiders while shooting was being carried on inside. However Ash- Abhi too did not clear the air and have left everyone speculating about their sudden visit to the Taj Mahal. Whatever the reason, no doubt the happy couple are enjoying each and every moment spent together.